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  • Creating a new mind , Réflections on the Individual,the institutions and the community
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    Creating a new mind

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    This book gives glimpses of a complex whole that is the Bahai community. As the object of study is approached from different angles, certain themes—such as organic growth, systematization and learning—recur.

    An attempt is made to explore and correlate some of the salient features of the individual, the institutions, and the community to which we aspire.

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  • Revelation & social reality
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    Revelation & social reality

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    When a new Revelation is brought to humanity, it upsets the equilibrium of the old social order. It unites the hearts and minds of those who recognize it and thus forges a new community.

    From within that community must emerge a consciousness that can decipher and a capacity that can apply the new teachings in order to make the world a different place.

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